This is because a tractor and trailer combination can weigh up to 8 tonnes less than an articulated dump truck of similar size and load capacity. A tractor and trailer combo also has an extra axle to spread the load on the road. Loadsense offer the latest in earthmoving tractor trailer scales with various weighing sensors to suit most tractor trailer setups.

When deciding on an earthmoving trailer or dump truck there are a number of considerations:

  • The type and condition of the earth/soil to be movedwhy-are-farm-trailers-better-for-moving-dirt-than-road-truck-trailers-loadsense-scales-jako
  • Weight and capacity of the trailer
  • Travel/haulage distance
  • The centre of gravity and gradients of your job site
  • The ejection mechanism and tailgate design
  • Tyre size and desired floatation (softness of the ground)
  • Hitch weight in combination with the tractor
  • Correct tractor selection and spec

The Pro’s and Cons of an ADT or Dump Trailer

Downsides. It’s harder to throw or load debris (or whatever) over the sides of a deck over trailer because they sit higher. Also, loading a skid steer (or anything, really) into the back can be a little tough just because the ramps sit at a steeper angle. Plus, the extra height will make full loads more top heavy.

If you frequently haul very large and heavy loads, a dump truck may be preferable to a dump trailer. Dump trucks have a hauling capacity of 14 tons, meaning that they can handle any load, large or small. Compared to dump trailers, dump trucks are more stable during operation, even when the load is awkward or heavy because they consist of a single integrated vehicle. The combined nature of the dump truck also means that there is no need to purchase a separate vehicle for towing.

However, with a price tag of up to $100,000, you may not be able to justify the cost of purchasing a dump truck. Even if you have to purchase a separate vehicle to tow a dump trailer, the combined price may be less than what you would spend to purchase a dump truck. If you haul materials only occasionally, you may not be able to justify the cost.

There are fewer varieties of designs and styles of dump trucks than there are of dump trailers. As a result, compared to a trailer, a dump truck is less versatile. There are also fewer choices when it comes to dump truck size. This can be awkward if you have to haul loads that are smaller than the dump truck’s maximum capacity.

If you do only occasional dumping, haul loads of varying sizes, or have a limited budget with which to purchase equipment, a dump trailer may be the piece of equipment you are looking for.