Weighing using the Loadsense Wireless and Wired Air Sensors using a truck and trailers height levelling valves. Levelling valves on a truck are components of the air suspension system that help maintain a level ride height for the vehicle. They are responsible for controlling the air pressure in the airbags or air springs, ensuring proper load distribution and ride comfort. Here’s a brief overview of levelling valves and their function:

  1. Function: Levelling valves monitor the height of the truck’s chassis or body in relation to the axles. They continuously adjust the air pressure in the airbags to maintain a consistent ride height, regardless of the load variation. The valves respond to changes in weight distribution and help keep the truck level, providing stability and optimal suspension performance.
  2. Load Balancing: Levelling valves play a crucial role in distributing the weight of the load across the axles. By monitoring the ride height, they adjust the air pressure in the airbags to compensate for changes in weight distribution. This ensures that the load is evenly distributed, preventing excessive strain on specific axles and components, and improving overall stability.loadsense-height-control-levelling-valve
  3. Height Control: Levelling valves help maintain a predetermined ride height for the truck, even when the load changes. They monitor the height of the chassis or body and adjust the air pressure accordingly. This is particularly important for vehicles with varying loads, such as commercial trucks, trailers, and buses. Consistent ride height enhances handling, braking, and overall driving comfort.
  4. Pressure Regulation: Levelling valves regulate the air pressure in the airbags or air springs. When the vehicle’s ride height deviates from the desired level, the levelling valves release or supply air to the airbags, bringing the ride height back to the correct level. This continuous adjustment ensures that the truck maintains optimal suspension performance under different load conditions. Loadsense uses this air pressure in conjunction with the Loadsense Weighing Air Sensors for weighing on Trucks and Trailers.
  5. Suspension Control System Integration: Levelling valves are typically integrated into the overall suspension control system of the truck. They work in conjunction with other components, such as air compressors, air tanks, height control sensors, and electronic control units (ECUs). This integration allows for coordinated and automated adjustments to the air pressure, providing precise levelling and load balancing.
  6. Manual Override: In some cases, levelling valves may have a manual override feature. This allows operators to manually adjust the ride height or air pressure in the airbags, providing flexibility in certain situations, such as when loading or unloading the truck.

Levelling valves are essential components in the air suspension system of trucks, providing load balancing, height control, and optimal ride comfort. They contribute to overall stability, handling, and suspension performance, enhancing safety and driving experience. Manufacturers provide specific guidelines for the maintenance, adjustment, and calibration of levelling valves, and it’s important to follow these instructions for proper operation.