The Loadsense onboard scale system All-In-One scale is the most functional scale on the market globally, ideal for fleet vehicles with various suspension systems. A on-board scale system weighing solution for trucks and trailers no matter what the suspension type, including air ride and air suspension systems, providing Axle Group weighing and total Net and Gross values for both the truck and the trailer, crucial for avoiding overload fines. Our weighing solution although specifically targeted at trucks and trailers for now, is also compatible with weighing on Weighbridges, Platform Scales, Hoppers, Forklifts, and Tractors, making it a comprehensive scale system for various fleet needs.loadsense-truck-scale-integrator-wireless-weighing-truck-trailer-bluetooth

The Loadsense onboard All-In-One scale Integrator supports a variety of weighing sensors, including:

Wireless Air Sensors to Wired Air Sensors, Loadcells, Angle Sensors, Strain Gauges, Hydraulic Transducers and Height Sensors, making it a versatile on-board scale system. One Weighing application for multiple uses, including truck scale and onboard scale systems.

Our Loadsense Integrator communicates transmitting the real-time weight information received from the sensors wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0 to a user’s mobile phone using the Loadsense App, optimizing fleet management with on-board scale data. Our scale has a 50m (meter) or 54yd (Yard) line of sight range allowing the driver to be either in his cab of his vehicle or outside in an office or secure location onsite while the vehicle is being loaded, enhancing the efficiency of our onboard scale systems. Our Integrator can connect to two mobile phones simultaneously and using our Loadsense App can broadcast the weighing data to both the vehicle driver and the operator loading the vehicle so that the load can be correctly positioned over the Axle Groups, optimizing the onboard scale system for fleet management.

Our App can also capture useful information like Product Name, Customer Name, P.O., essential for managing gross vehicle weight compliance and avoiding overload fines. Number Reference, Truck and Trailer Registration, Load Destination, etc… Our Loadsense App will display your weight in either Kilograms (kg’s) or Pounds (lbs) which ever unit of measure you choose to see your weight displayed in, helping manage gross vehicle weight efficiently.

Our Integrator can also store the calibration data for all weighing sensors so, if a phone is lost or replaced the user can update the new phone with the calibration data at a click of a button, ensuring accurate overload and gross vehicle weight monitoring.

Our scale solution can also be retrofitted using competitors sensors already installed by wiring these sensors into our integrator, enhancing the truck scale system with minimal downtime.