Loadsense new Vehicle Weighing Scale developed with weighing sensors for any truck or trailer suspension type by axle group.

Using sensors to weigh based on a truck and trailers suspension is the most common way to weigh onboard. Loadsense has specifically designed weighing sensors for trucks or trailers axles and suspensions that weigh using pressure, angles or stress on the truck or trailers axles or suspension.

Types of Truck or Trailer Weighing Sensors:

  1. Air Bag Sensors – Loadsense has wired air bag and wireless air bag weighing sensors
  2. Load Cell Sensors – Loadsense uses load cell type weighing sensors which are usually fitted between the truck or trailers chassis and deck. Load cells offer the most accurate type of weighing.
  3. Angle Sensors – Loadsense uses its Angle sensors on the truck or trailers springs to measure the deflection to determine the change in angle of the spring as load is applied.
  4. Strain Gauge Sensors – Like Angle Sensors Loadsense use their strain gauges to measure deflection as weight is applied, measuring the flex in a truck or trailers axle as weight is applied.
  5. Hydraulic Transducer Sensors – Loadsense uses the truck or trailers hoist to weigh using a hydraulic transducer to measure the change in pressure to lift the bin off the deck to calculate a truck or trailers weight.

Any of the above mentioned Loadsense weighing sensors communicate wirelessly or wired directly into the Loadsense Integrator which broadcasts the weighing data received by these weighing sensors to the Loadsense Integrator onboard the truck. The Loadsense weighing Integrator is the brains behind the entire Loadsense onboard truck and trailer weighing solution.

herculano-farm-trailer-scale-weighing-loadsense-4ag-load-cell-pins-hydraulic-scale-hoist-ramOur Loadsense Weighing Integrator communicates transmitting the real-time weight information received from the sensors wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0 to a user’s mobile phone using the Loadsense App. Our scale has a 50m (meter) or 54yd (Yard) line of sight range allowing the driver to be either in his cab of his vehicle or outside in an office or secure location onsite while the vehicle is being loaded. Our Integrator can connect to two mobile phones simultaneously and using our Loadsense App can broadcast the weighing data to both the vehicle driver and the operator loading the vehicle so that the load can be correctly positioned over the Axle Groups.

Our App can also capture useful information like Product Name, Customer Name, P.O. Number Reference, Truck and Trailer Registration, Load Destination, etc… Our Loadsense App will display your weight in either Kilograms (kg’s) or Pounds (lbs) which ever unit of measure you choose to see your weight displayed in.

Our Integrator can also store the calibration data for all sensors so, if a phone is lost or replaced the user can update the new phone with the calibration data at a click of a button.